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Power In Support Systems

As part of The Breakthrough Letter, every week I send out a short email with one idea, one suggestion, and one resource to help you break through your breakup and create a new possibility for love, either with your ex or someone new.

Here’s this week’s edition, sent on January 8, 2024.

Today’s Idea:

You want to have a robust support system in place post-breakup — a group of people who care about you and are willing to listen and give advice. Why? Because you want the emotional safety net these people provide. Instead of letting you deal with your emotional shit alone, they can share a bit of the emotional burden with you. This makes us feel better.

Today’s Suggestion:

Reach out and connect with someone you care about and who cares about you. Talk about your problems and worries, and share your pain. See how it feels.

Today’s Resource:

Never Suffer Alone — an article on the importance of support systems, communities, therapy, and dating post-breakup.

New This Week:

Book launch — after more than a year of work, my ex-back book is finally out. I’d say it’s the most mature and honest ex-back guide out there. But you be the judge; learn more about it here.

Youtube Channel relaunch — if you haven’t yet, subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I’ll be relaunching it this month. If you love my writing, you’ll also love the videos I’ll be releasing.

As always, feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you think. While I can’t respond to everyone, I do read everything.

Until next time,

Max Jancar

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