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Below are the online courses I’ve made. They cover the same themes of the blog and books, but dig much deeper and give specific exercises and goals to pursue in your day-to-day life. And there’s a community of people embedded in each. If you read my articles and love the material but are unsure of how to apply it to your breakup, then the courses are a good solution for you.

The Radical Recovery CourseThe Radical Recovery Course

The Radical Recovery Course is an online interactive course heavily based on CBT, ACT, and various meditation techniques. Its goal is to help anyone dealing with a breakup (whether they want to reconcile with their ex or move on for good) get their power back, find peace of mind, and feel great again.

No more wondering what your ex is doing. No more doubts about what you could’ve done differently. No more feeling powerless. Reclaim your emotions. Rebuild your identity. Take back your life.

59 lessons | Over 5 hours of video | Over 190 pages of writing | Interactive coaching | Built-in community

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The Radical Re-Attraction CourseThe Radical Re-Attraction Course

The Radical Re-Attraction Course is an interactive online course backed by decades of psychological research. Its goal is to help you get back with your ex as quickly and painlessly as possible. But not through tricks, tactics, or games, but through honesty, vulnerability, and self-improvement.

No more wondering about the chances of reconciliation. No more confusion about where you stand. No more fussing over fake behaviors or scripted lines. Get your ex back as simply, quickly, and painlessly as possible. And learn what it takes to keep them. Permanently.

40 lessons | Over 8 hours of video | Over 170 pages of writing | Interactive coaching | Built-in community

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