Max Jancar

Hey there, i’m max.

I’m a blogger, author and entrepreneur. I write about unconventional and counterintuitive breakup advice — a.k.a, breakup advice that doesn’t suck. Get over your breakup by embracing pain. Get your ex back by letting them go. Rebuild your life by accepting it’s fucked.

My work is devoid of spiritual claptrap and inspirational fluff. It’s grounded in science, riddled with pragmaticism, and full of unbridled and often shocking honesty. If my message resonates with you, read on.

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Every Monday, I’ll send you three big ideas on how to grow and improve as a person and build better relationships so you can avoid a future breakup. Some of these ideas might even change your life. + Get four exercises that will help you stop obsessing over your ex as soon as you sign up.

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