Beat The Breakup: 27 Conflicting Answers And One Weird Conclusion - Max Jancar

Craft The Ideal Path For Beating Your Breakup And Effortlessly Blaze Through It

Many books on how to get past a breakup believe they know how you should approach the whole thing. But each book somewhat disagrees with the next.

One book tells you to cut all ties with your ex, while another insists that you should remain friends. Some say you should drown your sorrows in ice cream, while others advocate for hitting the gym and getting into the best shape of your life.

So, which path should you choose? Whose advice should you follow? The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to mending a broken heart. And that’s where Beat The Breakup comes in.

In Beat The Breakup, each chapter believes it knows how you should get past your breakup. And each chapter disagrees with the next. It’s a literary tug-of-war where every perspective fights for dominance, leaving you to wonder, “Which one is right? What does the author believe?”

The answer? All of them.

Largely inspired by Derek Sivers’ work, Beat The Breakup illustrates a breakup recovery philosophy of conflicting breakup recovery philosophies. It’s about embracing the chaos and acknowledging that there’s no right way to heal. It’s about crafting your own path to recovery out of the remnants of many. And it’s about blazing through this path to get to feeling better than ever.

Hopefully, it’ll be a very unique and thought-provoking book. To get excerpts and updates about it, pop in your email address below.