Who am I? What do I do? What’s my background? Who is the site’s content for and under which principles and philosophy do I operate, make decisions, and run my business?

Hi. I’m Max. I’m a blogger, author, entrepreneur and certified CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) practitioner. I write unconventional and pragmatic personal development advice for people undergoing a breakup — advice that will help you recover and regain control over your emotions, identity and life. 

Till now, I have been published and/or featured in The Good Man Project, and a handful of Medium Publications. Most notably, BeYourself, Illumination, Better Advice, The Writers Blokke, and Better Humans.

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I started my biz early 2017 as a pickup and dating coach for men. I also began blogging at that time. In fact, my previous blog (relationshipmasterymj.com) hosted over 50 long-form articles and two downloadable booklets. (Proof)

In late 2017, I wrote my first 300+ page book on pickup, dating, and self-development. However, I removed this book from Amazon due to lousy writing and immature ideas, but here is the link if you still wish to go over it.

In 2019, I expanded my niche and made my way into the marriage/relationship recovery niche. There, I helped guys (and later also women) re-attract their uninterested partners and ex-partners.

At this point, I also wrote another book that taught people how to make their relationships last. This one, you can still find on Amazon.

In late 2019 or around early 2020, I realized that my brand was too generic, which limited my growth. And my articles were a mix of mostly below-average and average pieces. Therefore, I rebranded, deleted most of my old works, and started from square one.

But this time, I had a new, more unique vision for my website – a vision you’re seeing unfold at this very moment. Let’s explore how it might benefit you.

How My Work Will Benefit you

I’ve tailored all the content on my website to the people who recently came out of a breakup/separation.

My goal is to give them (to give YOU) all the knowledge that they need to recover quickly, rebuild their lives and selves, and learn how to have great relationships.

My writing focuses on topics like:

6 ways my work differs from my competitors

Here are six ways my work/website differs from all the other breakup advice and get your ex-back resources:

1. On Breakup Pain

Don’t avoid your post-breakup grief, hurt, and other negative emotions. Instead, accept, embrace and learn from them. They make you a more resilient and wiser person.

2. On Chasing Happiness After A Breakup 

Let go of trying to be happy after your breakup. Meaning is more important than happiness. So, find something worth suffering for (i.e., a life purpose) despite your breakup.

3. On Trying to Perfect Yourself And Your Love Life 

Stop trying to improve yourself or get the perfect love life. Instead, accept yourself and your love life for being (slightly) flawed.

4. On Scams And Scammers 

Sadly, most people in the breakup advice world are scammers, snake oil salesmen, and fake gurus. I try my best to help you become aware of them and not waste money on their dodgy products.

5. On Getting Your Ex Back 

Getting your ex back with jealousy tactics, ninja tricks, or manipulative gimmicks doesn’t work. It’s a blatant lie. Most of the time, those things push your ex further away. If you really want the best chances to get an ex back (and keep them), focus on honesty, vulnerability, and self-improvement.

6. On The Reality Of Romantic Relationships

All Romantic relationships are replaceable, and your ex was not special or unique. So don’t put them on a pedestal. More often than not, they’re not even worth fighting for.

If these ideas appeal to you, then head to my Best Articles Page, where you can get a general grasp of what this site is about.

About me

I’m a nerdy 20-something-year-old dude who writes articles and books. But that’s where the fun ends. My backstory is nothing special. Here’s a quick recap for those interested.

A girl broke my heart when I was 16 or something due to my neediness, and then it got broken a few more times for basically the same reason. And so I got even more emotionally fucked up as a result. I began to suffer from feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, crippling anxiety, narcissism, and codependency.

After years of self-improvement and therapy, I got better, and people started noticing the results in my mood and confidence. They also started noticing my thriving love life. Naturally, some of these people — mostly men at the start — asked me to help them get the same results. That’s where it all began for me.

Until now, I’ve helped numerous men and women from all around the world move on from their ex-partners, get dates, get their ex-partner back and turn around their whole relationships. So yeah, I’ve been all over the place.

However, even though I know a lot about dating, relationships, breakups, and whatnot, I want to stress a crucial point: I am NOT a guru.

I’m not going to go around like every other online entrepreneur and declare how I’m some breakup or love expert or prodigy—Cuz I’m not. I’m just like you. I poop, I sleep in and I fuck things up all the time. 

Also, most of the concepts and ideas I write about aren’t my own. They are simply pieces of information I’ve discovered after hours of reading and researching. I just try to simplify what I’ve learned and then communicate the information in an easy-to-understand way.

about my BUSINESS

These days, many small entrepreneurs try their best to put out the elusion that they’re big and stable, while multi-nationals mislead to seem relatable and human. It’s a game I don’t want to play.

So, let me be honest. I’m just one guy. I know, it sounds iffy. How can one guy maintain a whole website, write, make videos, consult, do marketing, and… support an entire company?! Well, that remains to be seen.

Anyhow, because I’m only one person doing all the work (for now), I have a lot at stake here. If this business doesn’t work out, I will have to go back working at my regular job. And believe me, I don’t want that. Not one bit.

So you can rest assured that when you work with me, I’m going to give it my very best. And the content I provide will be produced to the best of my ability.

Ultimately, this company is entirely dependent on your feedback, experiences and results. You decide if it’s going to sink or swim. Please don’t let me sink.