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I’m a blogger and author of The Breakup Recovery Manual. I write breakup advice that is pragmatic, unconventional, and filled with unbridled and often shocking honesty — a.k.a., breakup advice that doesn’t suck. Whether you want to recover from your breakup, get back with your ex, or both, my work will be of inordinate help. Or not… Read on and decide for yourself.

Till now, I have been published and/or featured in The Good Man Project, Thrive Global, Salon, OnlineDivorce, and a handful of Medium Publications. Most notably, BeYourself, Illumination, Better Advice, The Writers Blokke, and Better Humans.

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I started my biz early 2017 as a pickup and dating coach for men. I also began blogging at that time. In fact, my previous blog (relationshipmasterymj.com) hosted over 50 long-form articles and two downloadable booklets. (Proof)

In late 2017, I wrote my first 300+ page book on pickup, dating, and self-development. But I removed this book from Amazon because of my lousy writing and immature ideas. If you’re still interested in it however, here’s the link

In 2019, I expanded my brand and made my way into the marriage/relationship recovery niche. There, I helped men (and later also women) re-attract their uninterested partners and later also ex-partners. At this point, I also wrote another book that taught people how to make their relationships last (available on amazon).  

In early 2020, I realized that my brand was too generic, which limited my growth. And my articles were a mix of below-average and average pieces. Therefore, I rebranded, deleted most of my old works, and started from square one. But this time, I had a new, more unique vision for my website — a vision you’re seeing unfold at this very moment. Here’s how it benefits you.

How My Work Will Benefit You

I’ve tailored all the content on my website to the people who recently came out of a breakup and who want to do one of two things: recover from their breakup, get back with their ex, or both. If there’s one way to describe my site, it’s unconventional. It teaches radically new ways of dealing with breakups.

For those wanting to let go of their breakup and create a new possibility of love — with or without their ex: My approach to doing this is based not on chasing happiness, avoiding negative emotions, and making sense of post-breakup chaos, but on chasing meaning, learning from negative emotions, and embracing the post-breakup chaos.

For those wanting to get back with an ex and cultivate a new, healthy, and lasting relationship with them: My approach to doing this is based not on tactics, tricks, games, as is sadly the norm in the breakup industry, but on honesty, vulnerability, and self-improvement — the catalysts for real, permanent, and exigent change.

If these ideas appeal to you, then head to my Best Articles Page where you can get a general grasp of what this site is about.

About Me

When I was 16, my first long-term girlfriend dumped me because of my neediness. Then, in the span of a few months, it got broken up a few more times for the same reason. As a result, I got even more fucked up emotionally. I began to fester feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, crippling anxiety, narcissism, and codependency. And the fact that I’ve kept chasing after my exes months after they’ve dumped me didn’t help.

Much has changed over the next few years. Till now, I wrote three full books (one on dating, one on relationships, and one on breakups) and helped numerous men and women from around the world move on from their breakup, get back with their ex, find love, get laid, turn around a dying relationship and more.

In other words, I’ve been all over the place. However, even though I know a lot about dating, relationships, breakups, and similar topics, I want to stress one crucial point: I am not your guru/expert and will never declare myself as such.

I’m just a guy who reads and researches a lot and who then tries to simplify what he read and researched and communicate the information in an easy-to-understand way — usually with added toilet humor.

So don’t take what I write seriously. At least not too seriously.