Hey there, it’s Max. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am an author, blogger, and entrepreneur, and I’ve been sharing self-help advice for the broken hearted since 2018.

Until now, I’ve helped hundreds of coaching clients, had over 1000 book and course customers, and reached over 2 million people with my work in general. I’ve also been published in many popular publications, including The Good Man Project, Thrive Global, Salon, OnlineDivorce, Better Advice, Better Humans, and Hello Love, among many others.

That being said, please don’t mistake me for a guru or an expert. I’m just a guy who reads and researches a lot and then tries to simplify what he read and researched and communicate the information in an easy-to-understand way — usually with added toilet humor.

So don’t take what I write seriously. At least not too seriously.

What Makes My Work Different

If there’s one way to describe my material, it’s unconventional. It teaches radically new ways of dealing with breakups and their aftermath.

For those who want to get over their breakup: my approach is based not on running away from pain and negativity, pretending to be happy, or abusing affirmations, unrealistic self-talk, visualizations, and other brouhaha bullshit. Rather, it’s based on learning from pain and negativity, accepting the occasional unhappiness, and leveraging modalities with actual empirical data backing up their validity.

For those who want to get back with their ex: my approach is based not on tricks, gimmicks, games, techniques, manipulation, etc — as is the norm in this space sadly. But rather on honesty, vulnerability, and investing in oneself — the things that make you attractive without you trying to act attractive.

Where To Start

The best place would be with my free cheat sheets:

You can also read my articles and letters or watch some of my YouTube videos. And if you like what you see and want to go deeper, consider buying one of my books, courses, or coaching offers.