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The Breakup Recovery Manual

Breakup Recovery Manual Ebook

Whether you want to get your ex back, find someone better or just enjoy life again, emotionally recovering from your breakup is always the first step. This book will help you take it. Bravely.

It will deliver some of the best techniques, straight from my Radical Recovery Course, that you can use to take yourself from feeling like shit to feeling at peace.

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Announcement: I’m Currently Writing A New Book 

I’m in the process of writing a new book on getting back together with an ex and staying together for good. My goal is to write the most mature and honest guide on reconciliation out there.

The book will be based not on tricks, tactics, lies, games, and manipulation (like most other resources on getting back with an ex), but on breakup recovery, self-improvement, and honest, clear, and fearless communication — basically, the shit you’d expect from me.

I’ll be dropping updates about it periodically on my email list. If you’d like to get them, submit your email below.