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Turn Your Breakup Into A Breakthrough

Maybe your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend left you. Or maybe you left them. No matter the nature of your breakup, chances are, you feel hurt to some degree.

Perhaps obsessive thoughts keep eating you up. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with grief. Or you’re confused and lonely. It could also be possible that your self-esteem just got shattered, and you’ve lost yourself, and you don’t even know what you feel.

Maybe you’re in shock and constantly thinking, “what if” type scenarios. Or you’re daydreaming about a different turn of events. Such as those where you successfully rekindle things with your ex.

Hell, perhaps you’re going through all of the above.

Nevertheless, whatever you’re going through, the result is always the same: suffering. A shit ton of suffering…

This is where my course comes in. It will help you deal with your suffering and the things that cause it. Learn everything you need to know to free yourself from your breakup and create a new possibility of love — with or without your ex.

No more wondering what your ex is doing. No more doubts about what you could’ve done differently. No more feeling powerless. No more being held captive by your pain and emotional baggage. Reclaim your emotions. Rebuild your identity. Take back your life. Learn the techniques to say, “Fuck yeah! I feel great again!”

What’s Covered In The Course

I’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to go from distraught, grieving, and rejected to content, grateful, and at ease.

Module 1: An Introduction To Breakup Recovery And A Reality Check 

I’ll start by giving a complete course overview and then explaining the mindset going forward: Breakup recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of weeks and months of self-improvement. This isn’t always the most popular message, of course. People generally want the easy fixes, the 1-2-3 formulas, but as you’ll find out, those things don’t exist. All the miracle cures and the like are just sleazy marketing tactics. And I don’t do sleazy marketing tactics.

Module 2: Breakup Recovery Fundamentals

Next, I’ll talk about the theoretical foundation you’ll need for a fast recovery. This will boil down to topics like: how changing yourself can backfire, overcoming limiting beliefs about breakup recovery, radical acceptance and responsibility, surmounting and managing pain, getting good at feeling bad, no contact, digital detox, and the basics of habit formation.

Module 3: Leveraging Art Therapy

Following the fundamentals, you’ll learn how to leverage art therapy to heal and grow. Art therapy is a form of treatment where you’re encouraged to process, reflect and express your emotions through drawing, sculpting, collage, or even digital art and photography. The treatment originates from various fields of psychotherapy, and like every therapy, its purpose is to help you process emotions, hurt, and grief to recover faster.

Module 4: Managing Anger And Negative Self Talk

Counterintuitively, feeling angry after a breakup is a good thing. In this module, you’ll learn to deeply understand your anger and learn how to use it in productive ways. Furthermore, we’ll also discuss disarming and changing negative self-talk into a more down-to-earth, realistic variant — such that will help you grow as a person.

Module 5: Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts suck, but there is a way to calm them down and stop obsessing over your ex. The solutions are found within a handful of simple CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) approaches. In this module you’ll learn what those approaches are, and how to implement them into your life.

Module 6: Dealing With Self Criticism

Like there are many ways one can deal with negative self-talk, there are also many ways one can deal with self-criticisms. You know, that pesky little voice inside your head that keeps japing shit like “you’re a bad partner” or “you don’t deserve to be loved.” In this module, I’ll explain how you can soften this inner critic, maybe even befriend them, and recover faster as a result.

Module 7: Cultivating Self-love

Many people think self-love or self-compassion is some hippie idea with no scientific grounding, a one-way ticket to narcissism, a hodgepodge of vacuous phrases riddled with other placebo nonsense that makes one feel better only superficially… Well, self-love is none of that. It’s a fundamental skill for breakup recovery. And it’s proven to improve virtually all areas of one’s life. In this module, I’ll give you a thorough understanding of self-love and explain the many ways you can cultivate it.

Module 8: Feeling Your Feelings

Ah yes, the classics. Here, you’ll learn how to process your emotions with tried-and-true methods like meditation, qi-gong, journaling, mindful breathing, and dream reporting. Plus, I’ll also talk about therapy and how it may help you.

Module 9: Rebuilding Your Life (And Beyond)

This will be one of the most extensive modules of this course. Inside you’ll learn about improving core life areas (sleep, diet, exercise, and general well-being), reframing your breakup, rewriting your life narrative, developing emotional self-control, assessing your personality traits, and figuring out who you are. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to plot your ideal future and create your own system for getting to that future, that is, your ideal life.

Module 10: Making Everything A Habit

Finally, I’ll outline a simple yet incredibly effective process for making every every growth-and-recovery-related activity/technique we covered till now an empowering habit. Plus, I’ll also show you how you can rid your life of bad and destructive habits like excessive drinking, partying, seeking external validation, and so forth.

But wait! There’s more…

Because wait, there actually is more. I’m talking bonus lessons, built-in accountability and feedback, infinite free updates, and a 100% money back guarantee.

Three Free Bonuses

The first bonus will be an accumulation of the worst breakup recovery advice out there that you should stay far away from. The second will be a list of the best therapy/recovery resources out there. And the last will be my personal list of the top 50 books to read after a breakup to heal and grow faster.

Built-in accountability and feedback

The hardest part about healing and improving one’s life is keeping oneself accountable. That’s why this course features accountability and feedback built into the program. Once you complete each lesson, you’re expected to submit a write-up of your experiences and what you’ve learned. This write up will be available for me and everyone else to see, comment on, and offer feedback on. On top of that, the written exercises are focused to help you process your experiences and thoughts in a healthy and supportive manner and thus recover faster.

Automated. Online. Discreet.

The Radical Recovery Course is 100% online and can be accessed any time you want. It’s automated and discreet. When you buy the course, you get to keep access to it for free. Forever. Plus, all future updates to the course are free. Meaning, whenever I update the course with a new piece of content (even if it’s ten years down the line), you’ll always be able to access it, digest it, and apply it to your life.

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you sign up for The Radical Recovery Course, you do so risk-free. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all sign ups for up to 60 days. If you don’t like the course and material for whatever reason, simply send me an email and I’ll refund you your money immediately. No questions asked.

Turn Your Breakup Into A Breakthrough

This course lunches in mid-August. Preorder now and save 27$. The price will increase each week, leading up to the last price.

P.S., Despite the course coming out mid-August, you’ll still be able to converse with the other members (and me) in the comment section of the “Welcome” module as soon as you sign up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are The Things Inside The Course Backed By Actual Science?

Yes. The Radical Recovery Course is heavily based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment therapy), a tad of psychotherapy, and various meditation techniques. All of which have decades of empirical research backing up their validity.

Q: I Am Already Seeing A Therapist, Will This Help Me?

Yes. It will be beneficial for you to use The Radical Recovery Course to complement the work you’re doing with your therapist… or the course may be able to help you without the use of therapy.

Q: Should I Also Sign Up For The Radical Re-attraction Course?

Not if you just want to move on for good. But if you want to get back with your ex, then yes. It may be a good idea. Here’s the deal: The Recovery course will help you heal, better manage your pain and get your life in order, while the Re-attraction course is more focused on helping you build emotional connections, improve your self-worth and develop proficient dating and relationship skills. Combine the knowledge from both courses, and well… you’ll be quite prepared to tackle most, if not all, of your post-breakup goals.

Q: Is This A Written Course Or A Video Course?

Both. Each module contains a mixture of the two mediums.

Q: Are The Payments Secure?

Yes. Your payment information will be transmitted over a fully secure (SSL) connection directly to the payment processor (Stripe or Paypal). Your payment information will never be stored on or even touch my servers.

Q: Is This A One-time Payment Or Recurring?

It’s just ONE payment and lifetime access.

Q: Can I Ask My Money Back If I Don’t Like The Course?

Yes. I have a 60-day moneyback guarantee, no questions asked. Up to 60 days after your purchase, you can request a refund, and you will always get it, so your purchase is completely risk-free. Simply send me a message or email, and I will refund you.

Turn Your Breakup Into A Breakthrough

This course lunches in mid-August. Preorder now and save 27$. The price will increase each week, leading up to the last price.

P.S., Despite the course coming out mid-August, you’ll still be able to converse with the other members (and me) in the comment section of the “Welcome” module as soon as you sign up.

Preorder Now For Only 40$