Mixed Signals Are Actually A Rejection

Mixed Signals Are Actually A Rejection

By Max Jancar | Published: March 25, 2024 | 3 Minute Read

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Here’s this week’s edition.

Today’s Idea:

One day, the person you’re attracted to (be that your ex or someone new) is flirty and affectionate, but the next day, they’re distant and aloof. Perhaps they are even unkind or bitchy.

This is an example of mixed signals: abrupt, unexpected, and often drastic shifts between receptive and unreceptive states, between warm and cold behavior — and dealing with them is a pain in the ass.

But how do most people deal with mixed signals? Usually, they try to force or coerce the other person to be warmer and more receptive. Turns out, this is the wrong way to go about it. Because the approach completely ignores a simple yet important truth: mixed signals are a rejection.

Today’s Suggestion:

Next time you receive mixed signals from anyone you’re attracted to, approach it like you’d approach a rejection. Take a step back and calmly and confidently brush them off, back off without getting upset or insecure, and then stop engaging with the other person.

Unless they reach out first and about something personal that signals how they care about you, you don’t communicate with them anymore. This approach should get them to be warmer and more receptive.

However, if they’re still cold and unreceptive afterward, guess what? You move on. Because if a person you’re attracted to doesn’t feel the same way, you must, for your own mental health’s sake, stop trying to make things work between you.

Today’s Resource:

5 Reasons Your Ex Is Hot And Cold And How To Deal With It — a complete guide to dealing with mixed signals. As with all my ex-back articles, feel free to leverage it even for non-ex related situations.

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