How To Be Interesting

How To Be Interesting

By Max Jancar | Published: February 12, 2024 | 3 Minute Read

As part of The Breakthrough Letter, every week I send out a short email with one idea, one suggestion, and one resource to help you break through your breakup and create a new possibility for love, either with your ex or someone new.

Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

Today’s Idea:

To be interesting means being more attractive. And to be more attractive means higher odds of getting back with an ex or finding someone new.

Therefore, despite how you currently feel due to your breakup, finding a way to be more interesting is pretty important. In fact, working on being more interesting is said to improve not only one’s attractiveness but also one’s mental health.

Just note that this doesn’t mean you need to completely transform yourself or become someone you’re not. Being more interesting simply means cultivating a distinct blend of intriguing hobbies, passions, opinions, and desires. It’s more about developing simple character than anything else.

Today’s Suggestion:

Becoming more interesting is simple. Either on a piece of paper or by talking to yourself, list at least three ways you can enrich your distinct blend of hobbies, passions, opinions, and desires.

Would it be useful or cool to try a new experience or activity? Should you double down on a desire? Should you let go of some hobby or passion? Could you perhaps make a particular opinion you hold more convincing? Or maybe trade one that’s faulty for a more accurate one?

Once your list is done, follow what you wrote for at least one week and see how it feels. Just note that this shouldn’t feel like homework. Becoming more interesting has to be fun. It has to feel like play. And you must do it because you want to, not because someone else told you to.

Today’s Resource:

6 Ways To Develop Character And Become More Attractive — a guide on the importance and process of building solid character. That is, your distinct blend of interesting hobbies, passions, opinions, and desires.

New This Week:

Article revamp — I have rewritten and expanded my article on how to forgive an ex when you can’t forget them. Read it here.

Three new podcast episodes — one of how being yourself is terrible advice when getting back with an ex, one on the signs an ex won’t come back, and one on the ex-back truths no one really tells you about (mostly because they’re painful and don’t sell).

As always, feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you think. While I can’t respond to everyone, I do read everything.

Until next time,

Max Jancar

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