How To Deal With Ex-Induced Resentment

How To Deal With Ex-Induced Resentment

By Max Jancar | Published: May 27, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

As part of The Breakthrough Letter, every week I send out a short email with one idea, one suggestion, and one resource to help you break through your breakup and create a new possibility for love, either with your ex or someone new.

Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

Today’s Idea:

Holding on to the resentment your ex caused can be a powerful fuel in the short run. But it’s a significant drag on your mental health and happiness in the long run. So find a way to forgive your ex.

And no, forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what they’ve done or sympathizing with them. Nor does it mean endorsing, validating, or justifying your ex’s actions.

Forgiveness simply means choosing not to let past experiences define how you feel about someone or something in the present. Pull this off and watch your resentment melt away.

Today’s Suggestion:

Start by acknowledging your resentment. Then sit down somewhere quiet and set a timer for 15 minutes. Now write a letter to your ex that you do NOT send, expressing how their actions affected you and how, in spite of those actions, you are forgiving them.

Ideally, this little exercise will help you release some of your pent-up resentment and move you toward a state of peace and acceptance. Try it out and see how it goes.

Today’s Resource:

How To Forgive Your Ex When You Can’t Forget Them — a guide on the nature of forgiveness and how to cultivate it to break free from your ex-induced resentment.

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