Don’t Just Follow Your Heart

Don’t Just Follow Your Heart

By Max Jancar | Published: January 29, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

As part of The Breakthrough Letter, every week I send out a short email with one idea, one suggestion, and one resource to help you break through your breakup and create a new possibility for love, either with your ex or someone new.

Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

Today’s Idea:

When in pain, while sometimes listening to your emotions is valuable, for the most part, it’ll only lead you toward dumb decisions.

Decisions like chasing after your ex even though they clearly want nothing to do with you. Suppressing your breakup pain by getting shitfaced at a children’s playground. Or getting a cheap hooker to suck you off just so you can feel loved again.

In other words, just because something feels good doesn’t necessarily mean it is good.

Today’s Suggestion:

For one week, commit to being more skeptical of yourself. Sure, listen to your emotions, but don’t take them too seriously nor immediately act out on them.

Instead, when under emotional pressure, take a deep breath and think if acting out on your emotions will lead to healthy or unhealthy consequences. Maybe even write down your findings — this will make you more objective. Then act accordingly.

Today’s Resource:

6 Myths About Emotions (And What To Believe Instead) — a decent starting point for everyone interested in learning how emotions generally work and how to best deal with them.

New This Week:

First official podcast episode — in this episode, I sit down with Rory from The Love Chat and discuss what it takes to permanently get back with an ex. Click here to tune in.

Article improvement — an updated and expanded version of my article about the stages of a breakup. Click here to read it.

As always, feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you think. While I can’t respond to everyone, I do read everything.

Until next time,

Max Jancar

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