The Beauty Of Boredom Post-Breakup

The Beauty Of Boredom Post-Breakup

By Max Jancar | Published: June 24, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

As part of The Breakthrough Letter, every week I send out a short email with one idea, one suggestion, and one resource to help you break through your breakup and create a new possibility for love, either with your ex or someone new.

Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

Today’s Idea:

There is value in boredom. It helps us to dissociate from our breakup pain, illuminates how we might be distracting ourselves from it, and supports our efforts to devise better, more effective ways of managing it.

So get comfortable with the feeling, for it might just aid your recovery.

Today’s Suggestion:

Give yourself a few minutes this week to be bored and unstimulated. Do it intentionally. Try to notice what thoughts and feelings come up.

Are you anxious about moving on without them? Are you frustrated by the memories that still linger? Are you angry about how things ended? Are you heartbroken over the future you once envisioned together? What are you feeling? What are you trying to avoid?

Think about it. Perhaps even journal about these things.

Today’s Resource:

The Social Media Detox — in an age where social media keeps us constantly stimulated, it’s easy to avoid the quiet moments that help us process a breakup. This concise and practical guide offers a solution to help you embrace stillness and move forward. Give it a read.

New This Week:

Article: How To Stop Caring About What Your Ex Thinks — a fun, brief read. Discover a short, a long, and a surprising answer to the age-old dilemma: how the hell to stop caring about what your ex thinks.

Pod-Episode: How To Decode And Bust Through Your Ex’s Mixed Signals — an episode in which I go over the reasons your ex is giving you mixed signals and provide a few powerful solutions for navigating them.

As always, feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you think. While I can’t respond to everyone, I do read everything.

Until next time,

Max Jancar

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