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Max Jancar

Hey There. I'm Max.

I am the author of Beat The Breakup and From The Inside Out, a blogger, and entrepreneur. I write pragmatic and unconventional self-help advice for people going through heartbreak — usually with unbridled, often shocking, honesty. Some people adore my stuff; others loathe it. Read on and decide where you stand.

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Discover 25 brilliant books to read after a breakup that will speed up your recovery and help you become a better person.

Spawning Self-Awareness

A few tips for developing self-awareness. The better you become at the skill, the likelier your ex will perceive you as more attractive.

6 Ways To Develop Character And Become More Attractive

Character development is crucial for becoming more attractive and getting back with your ex sooner. Here's how you can leverage it.

Never Suffer Alone

Always have a support system. Always be part of a community. Always get professional help. And always start dating as soon as reasonable.

A No Bullshit Guide To Self-Care After A Breakup

Practicing self-care after a breakup isn't rocket science. And it all starts with investing in five core life areas. Here's a guide on them.

15 Common Ex-Back Mistakes To Steer Clear Of

Here are the 15 ex-back mistakes people make repeatedly. Avoid them at all cost, for they just might cost you your relationship.

The Inferiority Gap

Conventional ex-back advice has many drawbacks. Here, I address them, argue why they suck, and provide a better alternative.

The Uncomfortable Reality

Re-attraction — that is, the process of rekindling a romantic relationship — is not easy or quick, nor is it what you think it is.

Ex-Back Advice Is Just Self-Improvement In Disguise

Ex-back advice is self-improvement in disguise — get your mind and life in order, and the rest will probably take care of itself.

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Free Cheat Sheets On Breakup Recovery And Re-Attraction

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