Stop Feeling Like Shit And Start Feeling At Peace - Max Jancar

Stop Feeling Like Shit And Start Feeling At Peace

Whether you want to get your ex back, find someone 10x better, or just enjoy life again, recovering from your breakup is always the first step. This book will help you take it. Bravely. More specifically, it will deliver some of the best techniques, straight from my Radical Recovery Course, that you can use to take yourself from feeling like shit to feeling at peace.

What’s covered in the book

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Great ideas. And very effective. I couldn’t believe such simple things actually helped me with getting over my ex girlfriend. Thanks!” — Luke, Texas

Hands down, this got my ex back. It was so easy after I got my emotions in check. Thank you BRM :-P” — Tristan, Ljubjana

When I started reading this, I wanted to win my ex back. But after going through all the healing/growth exercises, I realized I was better than her. I deserve someone better” — Andy, Paris

I tried so hard to get my ex boyfriend off my mind, and I must say, your techniques really helped me with that. So thank you. I finally got over them.” — Mary, Florida

I read many other so called ‘breakup recovery’ books out there, but this one hit the mark. It made me feel the best, it made me less lonely, less anxious, even less insecure… Thank’s Max. I couldn’t recover without your book. — Jeff, Toronto

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