The first step to getting an ex back is recovering from the overall breakup and getting your emotions straightened out. This book will help you take it. Bravely.

Maybe your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend left you. Or maybe you left them. No matter the nature of your breakup, you feel hurt to some degree.

Maybe obsessive thoughts keep eating you up, you’re overwhelmed with grief and you’re confused and lonely. Perhaps your self-esteem just got broken and you’ve lost yourself and don’t even know what you feel.

Maybe you’re in shock and always thinking, “what if” type scenarios, or you’re daydreaming about a different turn of events. Such as those where you successfully rekindle things with your ex.

Hell, perhaps you’re going through all of the above. 

But, whatever you’re going through, the result is always the same: suffering. 

This is where my book comes in. It will help you deal with your suffering and most of the things that cause it.

The exercises inside — based on proven science and therapy — will help you recover from your breakup and make it easier for you to regain your sanity and confidence so you can function in life again — maybe even thrive. 

At its very core, this eBook is a 120+ page manual that takes you from feeling like shit to finally feeling at peace. If you apply what’s inside, of course.

A Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with my book, for any reason whatsoever, just contact me at any time and I will personally refund you every penny you invested. It doesn’t even matter when you bought the book. It could be 10 years since you bought it and you can still get your money back. 

Unlike all the conventional greedy ex-back gurus, you have my word that if you EVER want a refund, you will get it. No crazy conditions, no weasel clauses, no hassles, and no risk to you. 

Here are some of the things you will learn inside

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“Great ideas. And very effective. I couldn’t believe such simple things actually helped me with getting over my ex girlfriend. Thanks!” — Luke, Texas

“Hands down, this got my ex back. It was so easy after I got my emotions in check. Thank you BRM :-P” — Tristan, Slovenia.

When I started reading this, I wanted to win my ex back. But after going through all the healing/growth exercises, I realised I was better than her. I deserve someone better” — Andy, France

“I tried so hard to get my ex boyfriend off my mind, and I must say, your techniques really helped me with that. So thank you.” — Mary, Florida

“I read many other recovery books but this one hit the mark. It made me feel better, it made me less lonely, less anxious, less insecure, and… it even got my ex back. Wish me luck. All in all, thank’s Max. I couldn’t do this without your book. — Ivana, Russia