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Ep 00: Trailer For The Max Jancar Show

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So I’ve finally got a podcast…

Sure, I’ve dabbled in the medium before, but I never really took it seriously. I just hadn’t had the time. However, with my new book out and the course updates done, it seemed like the right time to launch one officially. So here it is.

The name of the podcast is The Max Jancar Show, and on it, we’ll discuss pragmatic and unconventional self-help advice for people going through heartbreak. I’ll essentially be going over or expanding on the topics and themes I write about in my books and on my blog.

Meaning themes like letting go of an ex, getting closure, understanding heartbreak and relationships, managing emotions and pain, building self-esteem and mental toughness, and getting back with an ex.

Sometimes I’ll do an episode by myself, other times in the company of guests — be that experts, fans, or simply random people that I find interesting.

If you like my writing and, by extension, my ideas, you’ll love this podcast. Or you might not, which is also fine. Give an episode or two a listen and decide for yourself how you feel about it.

As always: here are a few handpicked resources to check out if you’d like to dive deeper into some of the topics related to this podcast episode.

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