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Hard-Hitting Unapologetic Advice To Help You Reach Your Post-Breakup Goals

Whether you’re trying to recover from your breakup, get back with your ex for good, or both — an email coaching session can help.

Here’s how an email coaching session works: you sign up, read the instructions you received after payment, and send your initial email based on those instructions. Then you wait a day or two and get my personalized and thoughtful response.

In this response, I give an analysis of your situation, answer any questions you have, and provide feedback, advice, and opinions on how to best move forward to reach your goals. If you want to send an additional email afterward, simply purchase another session. It’s as simple as that.

Common coaching topics include: handling the no contact rule, reviving a relationship nearing a breakup, navigating modern dating, understanding why your relationship failed, building better habits, overcoming neediness, confidence issues, and limiting beliefs, and navigating re-attraction so you can get back with an ex.

Main stuff aside, note that this is far more than a simple email coaching offering.

With your purchase, you get lifetime access to my exclusive community where you can discuss breakups, reconciliations, no contact, self-improvement, etc. You can also get other members and me to keep you accountable so you don’t do anything stupid. And you can solicit people, including myself, for advice, opinions, and feedback.

In this community, I also host weekly live Q&A calls where you can ask me anything and get real-time, tailored advice and feedback. Note that these calls will also be recorded, so you can re-watch them anytime, even if you don’t attend.

On top of this, there’s also a private chat feature integrated into our community. With it, you can direct message me to discuss topics that you may not be comfortable sharing with other members. Your anonymity and privacy are guaranteed.

The best part about my community? A blazing fast 1-4 day response time to all posts, comments, and direct messages. To be clear: my response, granted you asked a question or wanted feedback, is guaranteed.

Some additional notes:

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