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Email Coaching

Email coaching really is the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short-term. Whether it’s doing the custom-made exercises I send you or having me analyze a specific situation or problem, it really is amazing what can be accomplished.

Common Themes I Help With

Over the last five years, I’ve coached and consulted several people dealing with breakups, so I have a rough idea of the challenges or themes we might discuss in our email exchanges. Here are the most frequent ones I help with:

Theme #1: You want to recover (or get over your ex completely) but you’re dealing with a specific obstacle that’s keeping you stuck (i.e., obsessive thoughts, challenges with no-contact, shitty habits like obsessive drinking or partying, overwhelming breakup pain or grief, limiting beliefs, etc.).

Theme #2: You want to get your ex back. Whether you’re confused by their behavior, curious about your chances, want to know what you’re doing right and wrong, or simply what to do to get them back, I can help. I will give you my brutally honest opinion and advice.

Theme #3: You want to know what caused your breakup so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future and save yourself from another heartbreak, as well as learn what it takes to cultivate a healthy and lasting relationship.

Included: Community With Weekly Q&A Calls, Private Chat, And Further 1-On-1 Coaching

With your purchase of any email coaching package, you get immediate and lifetime access to an exclusive community where you can:

In addition to providing feedback in our community, I also host exclusive weekly Q&A; calls, recordings, student interviews, and coaching sessions. These are recorded so you can re-watch them anytime, even if you don’t attend.

On top of that, there’s even private chat integrated in our community where we — and only we — can discuss more sensitive or touchy topics that you may not be comfortable sharing with other members. Your anonymity and privacy are guaranteed.

How Does Email Coaching Work

Email coaching comes in three different packages: single email, three emails, and unlimited monthly emails. They’re exactly what they say.

The single email means one email and response. Three emails means three emails and responses, which can be spread out indefinitely. Unlimited monthly means you can email me and bug me as much as you’d like for one month.

After completing your transaction, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll have a few simple instructions laid out on how to send me your first coaching email.

Some additional notes:

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