Hangouts - Max Jancar


Hangouts are interactive livestreams where I respond to readers’ questions and concerns, give feedback and advice, react to other content, and expand on my writing.

You can watch my latest ongoing hangout below. Under it, you’ll also find recordings of previous ones — each edited for clarity and equipped with additional relevant resources.

Note: to talk to me via chat on an ongoing hangout, tune in on Youtube. And to talk to me in general or get on one of my live hangout calls, join my Discord Community.

Past Hangouts

Coming soon…

  1. The first ever reader hangout starts Sunday, August 20th, at 9:00 am (CET Timezone, Slovenia/Ljubljana).
  2. I’ll probably stream for 3-5 hours. Come say hi.
  3. I’ll also be experimenting with live hangout calls, join my Discord Community to get an opportunity to get on one of them.