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Zoom Consultations

Consultations are basically life problem obliteration. Here’s what happens: you have a post-breakup situation that you can’t seem to get over. We set up a time, get on a call via Zoom (or Facebook Messenger in certain cases) and focus on that issue for the full hour (or longer) until you have the clarity and knowledge to tackle it.

These consultations really are the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short-term. Whether it’s doing exercises on the call with me or having me analyze a specific situation or problem, it really is amazing what can be accomplished.

Over the last four years, I’ve consulted several people dealing with breakups, so I have a rough idea of the challenges or themes we might discuss on our call. Here are the most frequent ones I help with:

Option #1: You want to know how to get your ex back and are curious about your chances of actually getting them back. (Note: In my experience, 75%-90% of people are beyond the point of no return.) I will give you my brutally honest opinion and advice.

Option #2: You want to recover (or even get over your ex completely) but you’re dealing with a specific obstacle that is keeping you stuck (i.e., obsessive thoughts of your ex, challenges with no-contact, self-destructive habits like obsessive drinking/partying or overworking, overwhelming breakup pain/grief, limiting beliefs, etc.)

Option #3: You want to know what caused your breakup so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future and thus save yourself from another heartbreak.

Option #4: You want to change your limiting beliefs. When a relationship fails, many start thinking, “I will never find someone as good as my ex” or “I will never be able to love or trust again.” Together, we work on dismantling these faulty beliefs, so you can regain (or gain) a healthy sense of self-esteem, confidence, and peace of mind.

That’s it. The core theme of our call will depend entirely on your unique breakup situation.  

A full hour of consulting costs 80$.