Testimonials - Max Jancar


Below are some of the coolest testimonials I’ve collected for my products just in case you’ve ever wondered if they are is legit or not. Enjoy.

The Breakup Recovery Manual

Great ideas. And very effective. I couldn’t believe such simple things actually helped me with getting over my ex girlfriend. Thanks!” — Lukas, Illinois

Hands down, this got my ex back. It was so easy after I got my emotions in check. Thank you BRM :-P” — Tristan, Slovenia

When I started reading this, I wanted to win my ex back. But after going through all the healing/growth exercises, I realized I was better than him. I deserve someone better.” — Pam, Ireland

I tried so hard to get my ex boyfriend off my mind, and I must say, your techniques really helped me with that. So thank you. I finally got over him.” — Helen, Queensland

I read many other so called ‘breakup recovery’ books out there, but this one hit the mark. It made me feel the best, it made me less lonely, less anxious, even less insecure… Thank you Max. I couldn’t recover without your book. — Jeff, New York

The Radical Recovery Course

… HOLY SHIT, I still can’t get over the fact I am actually rekindling things with my ex. And, even better, I’m actually starting to care about myself for myself, which, like you said, counterintuitively made my ex even more attracted to me. This info is life-changing. — R.I. Riley

This legit got my ex back. We even watched the entire course together and to repair our relationship and restore trust between us. It was a very happy experience, and it helped a lot. — Elliott

Finally a guide that tackles getting an ex back from a healthy perspective and doesn’t insult my intelligence and morals. — Veronica

The Radical Re-Attraction Course

Talk about comprehensive! I can’t think of a single topic that was missed. Fantastic and easy to digest. I recommend this to everyone going through a breakup. — Monica

Damn, I feel better, and I’m not even done with the course’s second module. If only I had learned this material during my last 4 breakups, haha. I’ll recommend this course to my friends for sure! — Steve

I really haven’t found a program like this ever before. It covers every freaking thing that helps you recover, but not in an overwhelming kind of way… But in one that just works! Everything is simple, to the point, and effective. I started feeling better just two weeks after starting the course. — Michael

Email Consulting

Your email coaching is literally gold. I got my ex back in two weeks after our back and forth. TWO WEEKS! WTF, I’m still shocked. Wish me luck. Now I still have to keep my ex! — Mathew, France

I had the pleasure of working with Max over the course of a few months. With his guidance and support, I was able to implement techniques to overcome and heal from my previous toxic relationship. I now feel confident moving on and look forward to what life will bring me. Thank you Max for all your help. — Kyle, Langley, British Columbia

Max helped me at one of the lowest points in my life. I understood what was going on, but he reaffirmed my beliefs on what my ex boyfriend was thinking. If you are struggling with a break up I would recommend speaking with Max. He knows what he is talking about. — Lisa, Toronto

Phone Consulting

Max is a pretty friendly guy heard to all my issues first and broke them down into separate points and then answered them in a patient manner. I was experiencing all kinds of questions and concerns around getting my ex back for at least two months, all of which max answered and solved in just under an hour of talk. — Sid, Delhi

I really enjoyed our session today, it really helped talking to someone that listened and understood. You’ve helped me reconcile with my ex and taught me how to avoid the downfalls and make this relationship last the second time around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. — Paul, Colorado

I love that our sessions are action oriented unlike the ones I had with some counsellors and therapists who only discussed about emotions without giving me any solid advice on how to actually start living a functioning life again. — Sanele, Uyanda

I did a video chat with Max and got a lot of value from the hour we spent talking. He provided me with honest feedback that proved to be effective but also allowed me to stay true to myself and genuine. I appreciated his realistic and honest approach to my situation and that he took the time to understand the specifics of what I was dealing with as opposed to providing generic advice. He was also just a very cool guy to talk to. Would highly recommend. — D