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Welcome. My site is for people who at some point got into a breakup and want to recover, get their ex back, or both. If there’s one way to describe it, it’s unconventional. It teaches radically new ways of dealing with breakups.

For those wanting to recover: my approach is based not on pumping yourself up, chasing happiness, and avoiding pain — as is the norm — but on rebuilding meaning, learning from pain, and growing into a better person despite it.

For those wanting their ex back: my approach is based not on tricks, games, or techniques — as is the norm — but honesty, vulnerability, and self-improvement — the only things that make you attractive without you trying to act attractive.

To start, I’ve listed my two free cheat sheets that give a decent intro into my teachings. Then I’ve listed the best ten articles in two categories: Recovery and Re-Attraction, along with some additional helpful resources. And at the end, I’ve listed my paid products if you’d like to go deeper into my work.

Cheat Sheets

Breakup Recovery


Additional Resources

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About me

When I was 16, my first long-term girlfriend dumped me and broke my heart because of my neediness. Then, in the span of a few months, I got broken up a few more times for the same reason. As a result, I got even more fucked up emotionally. I began to fester feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, crippling anxiety, narcissism, and codependency. And the fact that I’ve kept chasing after my exes months after they’ve dumped me didn’t help.

Much has changed over the next few years. Till now, I wrote three full books (one on dating, one on relationships, and one on breakups) and helped numerous men and women from around the world move on from their breakup, get back with their ex, find love, get laid, turn around a dying relationship and more.

In other words, I’ve been all over the place. And my work has been published in many popular publications: The Good Man Project, Thrive Global, Salon, OnlineDivorce, BeYourself, Illumination, Better Advice, The Writers Blokke, and Better Humans.

However, even though I know a lot about dating, relationships, breakups, and similar topics, I want to stress one crucial point: I am not your guru and will never declare myself as one.

I’m just a guy who reads and researches a lot and who then tries to simplify what he read and researched and communicate the information in an easy-to-understand way — usually with added toilet humor.

So don’t take what I write seriously. At least not too seriously.