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Mentorship Program


If you’re looking for a comprehensive and potentially life-changing solution to heal from your breakup, and move on in a way devoid of motivational fluff or unproven or refuted self-help, then we might be a good fit. Read on to know more.



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what’s included

Breakup Recovery Manual

how it works

Breakups suck.

Maybe your ex loved you at some point, then just like a flip of a switch, they stopped and left and hurt you in ways unimaginable. In fact, you were probably left in disbelief, scratching your head and asking, “what the hell just happened!?”

Maybe your ex fell out of love gradually and more noticeably. Meaning in a way, where you could sense them becoming colder and less affectionate as the weeks rolled by. Then one day, it all came crashing down. And the relationship was over. 

Or maybe, your ex went bonkers. They became depressed, too fearful to emotionally attach to you, unwilling to show affection, or even unable to open up. And the more you tried to help them, communicate with them, or make things work, the more they pushed you away. 

Hell, maybe they even found someone new who came along and took your place.

Or maybe it’s you who initiated the breakup. And now you’re sitting on a pile of hurt that feels like having your naked ass plotted down on steaming hot coals.

Whatever the nature of your breakup, it sucks. The pain is real. I get that. 

Right now, you’re probably dealing with a raging thunderstorm of clashing, painful, and confusing post-breakup emotions. Perhaps even obsessive and intrusive thoughts that you want to overcome or manage.

Maybe you’re afraid that you’re never going to meet anyone great again, or you think that you’re unworthy of love.

Maybe you keep mentally rehashing the same old scenarios and conversations that you had with your ex over and over again. And in the end, you wonder what you could have done differently to avoid the pain you’re feeling right now.

The possibilities are endless, but no matter what breakup problem you’re dealing with, the underlying issue is the same. It hurts.

And this hurt – this inability to let go and move on – can be stifling.

At this point you probably know what to do to move on. Apply no-contact, work on your mental health, accept the bleak and fruitless reality, focus on yourself, etc.

However, the challenge is getting yourself to do all of the above. The reason is usually because you feel like you’ve lost all your basic functionalities now that you’re heartbroken.

And that’s where I come in.

I help you take those required steps so you can move on faster, more efficiently and overcome any unexpected hurdle that comes your way. But equally important, I help you recognize why your previous relationship failed and what mistakes you made in it to avoid future heartbreak.

how i help you move on and avoid a future breakup

Firstly, we find out why the breakup happened. Maybe your ex felt controlled. Perhaps they were a natural avoidant and afraid of intimacy. Or perhaps they cheated on you, and you’re the one who left them.

Every dissolution of a relationship is unique and has its own “special snowflake” causes. I help you identify why the relationship fell apart, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes or get serious with the same kind of incompatible or toxic people in the future.

Secondly, we work on your mental health: handling your obsessive thoughts, managing your post-breakup anxiety, removing toxic negativity, and self-sabotaging habits like excessive drinking, smoking, shopping, partying, or intercourse for the sake of avoiding your pain.

Thirdly, we start rebuilding you from the ground up. This means we work on getting your confidence – your power – back. And at the same time, I also help you develop better social skills, healthier beliefs, new interests, and a rough vision for the future you can aspire to.

Along the program, I will also hand you resources that you can use to track your recovery progress and therapeutic exercises you can do at any time to help yourself move on faster.

This mentorship program is not for everyone

In all honesty, this program isn’t for everyone, nor do I have the time always to take yet another person under my guidance. 

So I’m not going to “hard sell” it or drag you across a 40-minute fluff webinar telling you how I’m going to teach you some ‘tactic’ on how you can “move on in just 2 hours or something.”

If 30 days of online and potentially life-changing mentorship where we explore how to move on fast and how to prevent future heartbreak, isn’t enough to “sell you” on this mentorship, then this probably isn’t a good fit for either of us.

But if you are intrigued. If my no-bs philosophy tickles you in all the right places. And if you wish to move on as efficiently as possible in a pragmatic way devoid of motivational fluff or unproven or refuted self-help, then this program might just be for you.

If that’s the case, there’s a button below. Click it, and let’s hop on a free call.

On this call, we’re going to analyze your unique breakup situation and determine 2 things:

If we are a good fit, I’m also going to provide you with additional details about the cost and logistics of my program, and then you can make a decision if you’re going to move forward. 

And if we’re not a good fit I will do my best to refer you to people who might be. Or I’ll refer you to the best resources that may help you with your specific situation.

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