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Emergency Coaching Call

Here’s how it works: you have a situation that you can’t seem to get over. We set up a time, get on a call via a free program called Zoom, and focus on that issue for the full hour (60 minutes) until you have the clarity and knowledge to tackle it.

And since this is the emergency coaching call option, I’ll fit your session in either same day or within 2 days (my timezone is CET, Central European Time, Slovenia).

Common coaching topics include: how to get an ex back, concerns with the no contact rule, how to revive a relationship nearing a breakup, separation, or divorce, navigating modern dating, understanding why your relationship failed, building better habits, confidence issues and limiting beliefs.

These coaching calls really are the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short-term. Whether it’s doing exercises on the call with me, or having me analyze a specific situation or problem, it really is amazing what can be accomplished.

Max is a pretty friendly guy heard to all my issues first and broke them down into separate points and then answered them in a patient manner. I was experiencing all kinds of questions and concerns around getting my ex back for at least two months, all of which max answered and solved in just under an hour of talk. — Sid, Delhi

Now the true beauty of my coaching is that it’s not a pump-and-dump deal. It’s not, “You book a call, we have the call, and then you must pay me again to talk.”

That’s because with your purchase of coaching, you also get lifetime access to my exclusive community where you can a) discuss breakups, reconciliations, no contact, self-improvement, etc, and b) solicit people, including myself, for additional advice, feedback, and coaching.

But that’s not all. Integrated into this community is a private chat feature. There, you can direct message me to discuss topics you may not be comfortable sharing with other members. Think of it like email coaching on steroids. Your anonymity and privacy are guaranteed.

And here’s the coolest part: my typical response time to community posts, comments, and direct messages is only 1-4 days. To be clear: my response, granted you asked a question or wanted feedback, is guaranteed.

Oh, and I also host weekly live Q&A calls in our community. There, you can ask me anything and get real-time, tailored advice. These calls will be recorded so you can re-watch them anytime, even if you don’t attend. You’re welcome.

After making your purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll have all the instructions laid out on how to join our private community.

I really enjoyed our session today, it really helped talking to someone that listened and understood. You’ve helped me reconcile with my ex and taught me how to avoid the downfalls and make this relationship last the second time around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. — Paul, Colorado

I did a video chat with Max and got a lot of value from the hour we spent talking. He provided me with honest feedback that proved to be effective but also allowed me to stay true to myself and genuine. I appreciated his realistic and honest approach to my situation and that he took the time to understand the specifics of what I was dealing with as opposed to providing generic advice. He was also just a very cool guy to talk to. Would highly recommend. — D, California

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I will reach out to you via the email you used to purchase emergency coaching within 24 hours to set up a time to call. Please note that this service is non-refundable.

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