Wish to get over a breakup quickly? Want to get your ex back? Looking for serious, qualified advice? Then a phone/Zoom consultation may be right for you.

Consultations are basically life problem obliteration. Here’s how they work: It starts with having a post-breakup situation that you can’t seem to get over.

For example, you can’t stop obsessing about your ex, you’re drinking or shopping too much to avoid your pain, you feel you’re unworthy of love, or you suddenly don’t have any confidence anymore.

You could also have trouble sleeping or focusing on work, and maybe you’re even submerged in crippling anxiety and other overwhelming emotions. 

Another common challenge could be that you want your ex back and are unsure how to go about it and actually get them back. Or you’re confused about your chances of getting them back in the first place.

Hell, maybe you just have the sudden urge to tell me your entire breakup story and have someone tell you that you’re not going crazy and that things could easily be better if you just did X, Y, and Z? 

The possibilities are endless. 

Here’s how we deal with these challenges. We schedule a time and get on a call via Zoom, or your everyday phone, and focus on whatever issue you’re facing for one full hour (or longer) until you have the clarity and knowledge to tackle it. (If you prefer, we can also chat via FB messenger)

These consultations really are the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short-term. Whether it’s doing exercises on the call with me or having me analyze a specific situation or problem, it really is amazing what can be accomplished.

the common challenges I HELP people WITH

By now, I’ve worked with many men and women going through a wide range of scenarios, so I have a rough idea of the challenges, or should I say, themes we might discuss on our call. Here are the most frequent ones:

Theme #1: Getting an ex back. 

Meaning, what are your chances and how can you maximize them. (Note: In my experience, 75-90% of people are beyond the point of no return.) I will give you my brutally honest opinion and advice.

Theme #2: Getting yourself to take the right steps to move on. 

Taking those well-known first steps is difficult. Often we know what we need to do, but we cannot get ourselves to take actually do it. (deleting your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends phone number, unfollowing them from social media, limiting the contact if they live with us, etc.) Well, I not only help you find a way to commit to these difficult yet necessary steps, but I also hold you accountable.

Theme #3: Identifying what caused the breakup.

I help you identify why your relationship fell apart and help you improve so you don’t repeat the same mistakes or get serious with the same kind of incompatible or toxic people in the future. Basically, I help you avoid another heartbreak.

Theme #4: Improving your mental health. 

I assist you in successfully managing and minimizing your obsessive thoughts and the painful post-breakup emotions and show you how to remove toxic negativity and self-sabotaging habits (like excessive drinking or partying for the sake of avoiding pain) from your life.

Theme #5: Helping you stabilize your life and get your power back.

This means I help you develop better social skills and habits and help you gain a new sense of confidence. In short, I help you rebuild your life from the ground up and get your mojo, and inner peace back.

I even had cases where I helped clients find a fulfilling sense of purpose and create a rough vision for the future that they could aspire to.

Theme #6: Helping you change your worth-based beliefs.

When a relationship fails, many people fall victims to beliefs like, “I will never find someone as good as my ex again, I will never find love again, I will die alone, I will never be able to love/trust again.” More often than not, these are overreactions, but it’s hard to snap out of it in a hopeless state. Again, this is where I come in. 

Together, we work on dismantling these fault beliefs, so you can regain a healthy sense of self-esteem and the ability to either re-attract your ex or attract someone new (when you feel ready).

That’s it. The core theme of our call will depend entirely on your unique breakup situation.  

A full hour of consulting costs 125$.

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