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Best Articles

There’s a lot of written content on this site, and I totally get that it can become confusing at times. But don’t worry, you can start here, with my best articles, and get the general gist of my work.

Below are what my readers consider to be my “greatest hits,” the articles that have been the most popular and had the most significant effect on readers’ lives. To start, I’ve listed the best 4-5 articles in five different categories:

Breakup Recovery

How To Get Over Your Ex: The Ultimate Guide To Letting Go – A whopping 7000+ word guide on getting over an ex and regaining control over your emotions, identity and life. This is the cornerstone piece of my website.

The No Contact Rule Explained And Exposed – A guide to the fundamental piece of every breakup advice — the first step towards a full recovery. And an explanation on why everyone gets this step wrong.

Accepting A Breakup: The Art Of Making The Most Out Of Your Loss – A detailed guide explaining the ins and outs of accepting a breakup, and just about every other adversity you encounter in life.

Your Ex Is Not Special (No One Is) – An edgy, slightly philosophical, and very practical riff on why your ex is not some celebrity on a pedestal that you should fuss and moan over for eternity.

How To Be Happy After A Breakup — A piece detailing the science-based truth on what happiness is, what it isn’t, and 7 ways on how to be happy after a breakup.

Understanding Breakups

5 Post-Breakup Fallacies That Prevent You From Finding Love Again – Learn five different ways of how your brain fucks you over when you’re searching for a future partner after your breakup and how to combat these issues effectively.

3 Beliefs That Keep You Heartbroken And How To Overcome Them – My critique of three popular beliefs about love, relationships, and sex that keep people miserable and stuck in a perpetual cycle of heartbreak.

Breakups Through The Lens Of Attachment Theory – My attempt at figuring out why some people have such difficulties letting their ex go, while others manage to move on in only a matter of weeks.

How A Rebound Relationship Can Save Your Life — Find out why a rebound relationship is not always a bad thing, but rather a great thing — in the short and long term, and no matter how it unravels.

Getting An Ex Back

How To Get Your Ex Back The Right Way  – Instead of gimmicks and manipulative tricks to get an ex back, I focus on honesty, transparency, and self-development to get the same result.

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Get Your Ex Back – There are many articles that tell you why it’s a good idea to get back with your ex. I call BS on that. It’s almost never a good idea to get back with an ex. And this article explains why.

The Bullshit Behind The “Get Your Ex Back” Gurus  – Most of the so-called “get your ex back” experts are scammers who prey on the insecurities of the brokenhearted. This article calls them out and shines a light on their deceptive marketing, shoddy products, and the immature ideas presented in them.

Change Your Mind About Getting Your Ex Back – A piece for those of you who are heartbroken and stressing about getting an ex back; a few simple words of wisdom to shift your perspective on the whole thing — and advice on how to do it the right way.

11 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back (And Some Sobering Advice) — Discover 11 signs your ex will eventually come back and why obsessing over them drastically lowers your chances of getting your ex back.


The Guide To Healthy Boundaries – A hulking guide on developing and mastering healthy personal boundaries. Or, in other words, a guide on how to stop being a fucking people pleaser.

How To Rebuild Your Self-Esteem After Your Breakup – An article detailing a healthy and mature way of rebuilding your shattered self-esteem and confidence after a breakup.

How To Stop Being Needy After A Breakup – Most breakups happen due to neediness from either one or both partners in a relationship. This guide helps you overcome your neediness, so that it doesn’t kill your future love life.

How To Stop Feeling Worthless And Inadequate After A Breakup – A step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to overcome feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy after a breakup.

Where Do You Get Your Validation? — An article outlining why seeking validation is often a healthy thing, that is, as long as you’re seeking it from the right place.